Handmade Portraits for Different Occasions

Handmade Graphite Pencil Sketch

Thinking of buying handmade portraits for different occasions or upcoming occasion – Each one of us has a desire that whatever we gift should be adorable and cherished forever. But, gifting a bedsheet, some outfit, or a piece of crockery will never be enough for that purpose. Regifting is like a tradition and there is only one gift everybody would love and never think of regifting- their own portrait or of somebody they deeply love. Isn’t that a perfect idea for a gift to somebody? Your gift will not only be cherished but might also take place on their wall and their hearts.
Now, what could be an occasion perfect for a handmade portrait to be gifted?


Everybody looks for that special gift among all the gifts they get on their birthdays. What can be a better gift than a room decor and that too with one’s own picture? So, if you have a birthday of somebody special lined up who does not have a handmade portrait of them drawn on their wall, it will be a perfect moment to gift one. An oil painting, a watercolour art, or a pencil sketch would look amazing on their wall. If you have a picture with them that you adore and want to make it a forever memory, a portrait of that picture would look super perfect.


So, is your anniversary close enough but you are not sorted with the gift yet? You might have noticed your wife/husband adoring your wedding picture from a distance or just smiling looking at the album for the hundredth time. So, let a beautiful portrait of your wedding or honeymoon picture be a memorable gift for your spouse.
Also, if it is your parents’ or some couple’s anniversary that you want to celebrate, there is no better way to do that with a painting or sketch art.


For somebody who is moving into a new home, the decoration is something really important and also hectic stuff to think about. Decoration is something that brings life to home and wall painting or photo frames are something that makes a building somebody’s home. Visiting somebody for their housewarming party? Why not take a handmade portrait of the owner’s picture along? They will not only love it but thank you to add one more to their new collection of the decoration.

Pet parents

Some people love animals more than humans (probably you). But there is always a way to make them happy and that would be gifting them something for their pet. Now, a collar, some food, or some other toy is cliche. What about a portrait of their dog or cat? They might just hug you and consider you their favorite person for this gift.

So, sorted out with your gift idea for the occasion? If not, visit our website and you will be convinced instantly to take a portrait along wherever you go. A portrait is a symbol that the person on it is important to you. Make someone feel special!

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