Great reasons to buy original art

Watercolor Painting

Buy Original Art – There are many great reasons to buy original art. Most of them have a positive impact on your life and at least one of them will have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Art should be the first thing you consider when redecorating or redesigning your home or workplace, not wallpaper, or colour schemes, or fabric swatches, or the sofa that’s seen better days anyway.

Start with the art and work out from there.

​Find a beautiful piece of art that really ‘speaks’ to you and then use it to inform your other choices.

You will create spaces that have an atmosphere, a mood, a character, a uniqueness.

Those benefits could enhance your sense of well-being and have a positive impact on the people who share your spaces with you.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that art is a luxury. It’s a necessity, an integral part of our journey. 

When we view a piece of art we often have an emotional response, whether positive or negative or something in between.

Different art appeals to different people and our personal taste becomes a form of expression when we pay attention to it and act on it, when we welcome it into our own lives.

The spaces we live and work in should appeal to us on an emotional level, they should reflect our personalities. 

Original art is the perfect way to express your personal taste in a way that you simply can’t achieve if you buy the same mass-produced prints as thousands of other people around the world. 

Start with the art

Start with the art and work out from there. Simple. Art is inspirational so allow it to inspire you when you are planning your spaces. Painting is likely to have at least 2 or 3 key colours in its palette that really stand out. The colours might even be the reason that the painting appealed to you in the first place. So be inspired.  Don’t decorate your home and then try and find art that fits- find the art you love and decorate in a way that compliments it. The original art you love enough to buy is likely to be a part of your life for a lot longer than the cushions you buy from a department store, so make it the star of your scheme, not the garnish.

Painting by Edward Bawden, courtesy of Watermark Gallery Have interesting conversations

Once you’ve placed original art in your space, expressing yourself in the process, people visiting will inevitably form their own opinions about your selection, your taste, your personality. They will ask questions about where you found the art, what you know about the artist, why you liked it enough to buy it. These are often revealing and passionate conversations that contribute to and enrich the relationships you share with other people.  

Keep your brain active and help your soul relax

Art is used as a medium to express the personal thought of the Artist and to cause a reaction in the viewer.  

Art can be political, it can reflect what is happening in society or it can simply be a way to make us hold on to a memory. It usually makes us think. 

The act of observing a piece of art, the art of ‘seeing’ art, is a complex and deeply satisfying process.

It can create mood, it can trigger a surge of dopamine, it can relax us or inspire us, energise us.

Art prompts genuine emotional responses and can stop us in our tracks the first time we see a piece we love.

Why wouldn’t you bring that power into the spaces that you live and work in?

Without a doubt, one of the most important things to remember when you buy an original piece of art is that you are supporting an actual Artist.

You are enabling them to continue their practice.

You are proof of the fact that other people understand what they are trying to say and that you appreciate their efforts, their talent, their determination.

Buy with Confidence

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Source: Cambridgeartfair

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