Buying a beautiful handmade product

Buying a beautiful handmade portrait

In theory we all know that handmade buying has great advantages. Whether we are buying from local artisans and craftsmen, or supporting a handmade artist. Have you ever wondered what exactly the use of handmade buying is, and who goes out of the transaction?

There are definitely benefits for you as a buyer, and for the manufacturer as a business owner. But there are more far-reaching benefits in buying, using and making handmade products.

A product as individual and unique as you.

buying a beautiful handmade portrait
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1. Handicraft is good for the environment

Handmade products are great for the environment. Most handmade products do not require a factory or large production facility. Instead, almost all small crafts are built in studios and workshops, which are transformed to the bottom of the garden, or people’s own houses.

2. Each handmade product is unique

Unlike massively produced gifts, you’ll often find unique differences in each handmade item, which actually makes the product and purchase very special. No one all over the world will have the same thing, and it’s very unique! 

3. Handmade is supporting the local economy

When you buy a product from We Create For You, you directly support the India-based artist. Although it may not be directly local to you, the money stays in the India, and that’s a huge thing.

In large international companies in exchange for your money where manufacturers or designers receive a fraction of the price of the product, it goes straight to the person who gave his wonderful gift.

But it’s not just about money. Each purchase, artist, manufacturer, craftsman gives confidence in his product, a chance to further develop his skills, give money for his business an opportunity to reinvest and produce beautiful works of art.

4. Handmade withstands time

Remember the days when you bought something and it lasted too long? Most handmade items are finalized. They are made up of a material that will face time and the change is that you are going to keep them for a long time.

5. Handmade is quirky and is on trend

Independent designer manufacturers and craftsmen are often in a much quicker trend than big businesses and commercially produced gifts.

As a small business, I can spend to experiment and see a closed item to see if it will gain interest, to spot a trend and quickly design a collection that fits the trend perfectly.

It can easily take 12 months to introduce a new product within a large business organization, with younger independent designers far more flexible than that.

6. There is a story behind each product

Each handmade product has its own story, every handmade shop and the person who created it takes a lot of time and effort to do something that is unique, beautiful and built for you.

There’s a reason behind every choice in your product creation stages — why the gems chosen for your silver bracelet have a beautiful peacock’s green color, or why your beads have a special shade of color purple.

7. When you buy handmade it shows that you care

If you buy your friend a commercially built necklace, chances are anyone else will have it. It can be beautiful and it can also be expensive, but not necessarily unique.

By buying handmade portrait, you show your friend that you’ve taken the time to research what he/she likes and you’ll behave something from him/her that no one else will have.

8. Handmade is made by real people

When you buy a handmade gift you know that the manufacturer is passionate about their craft so each gift is made with love. With handmade products, there is always a lot of love, care and attention to creating something unique and being treasured.

So the next time you need a gift, consider handmade a new item for your home, or just want to treat yourself with a piece of jewellery. You will find a better quality and unique product. You are supporting the life and craft of a handmade business owner.

What you’re actually paying for buying a beautiful handmade portrait

  • Time Spent.
  • Finding items needed to create a product.
  • Prep work on the product.
  • Actually creating the product
  • Finishing and packaging on a product.
  • Money paid to suppliers cause they don’t give it for free.
  • Heart & Soul that goes into each and every product.

We Create For You offers Handmade Products made with love and passion.

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